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Hunting Simulator

Hunting Simulator is exactly what the name implies, a simulator for hunting. It runs on Unreal Engine 4 and features several aspects that make it feel more lifelike. The graphics are not too shabby either and worked very well for the game. My time with it at E3 2017 was both fun and challenging, which is what I expect in a game.

To start off, I didn’t have a presenter when I initially sat down to play the game. I picked the artic area and what weapons I wanted to use. I now set out to track my first animal, although I did not really know how to do so. I was able to find several and even wound them.

The animals would always run off and I was unable to find them. I did this for 10-20 minutes prior to a presenter coming to show me the game. I saw how they tried to make it lifelike because your character would breath and your aim would be altered because of it.

Hunting Simulator Impressions Screenshot

You could hold your breath in order to be more accurate with your shot. This has been featured in many other games where you had to aim a gun and may not be anything new to hunting simulators either. It is mainly one reason I found that made the game more realistic of a simulator.

You also had to use the right caliber bullets and wear the proper attire for the area of which you were hunting. It was not until the presenter showed the game off that I got a better understanding of these mechanics and how to track the animals.

You could use different tactics such as binoculars and even a drone to find your prey.  Once the prey is spotted, it is time to find a vantage point to shoot the animal. If it is cold, but you have light attire, you will move slower and be shaky.

This can hurt your ability to track and animal and could potentially make it harder to hide since the pretty are able to sense your presence. Once you have your vantage point and have shot the animal, the hunt is on. You probably have wounded it and off it goes.

Hunting Simulator Screenshot

You must track it down and claim your trophy. This grants you a score depending on where you shot the animal or what type of weapon you used. Now just rinse and repeat to find more animals. So with the basics out of the way, how was the overall experience?

I enjoyed the game for the most part. It could be hard to find an animal at times or to have a weapon of the right type for what you do find. Like if you have a large caliber bullet but find a rabbit. The bullet will destroy the trophy and you won’t get much of a score.

This makes the game more realistic, but there is not a way to know what you need until you play the area or maybe are an actual hunter. Full disclosure, I have never been much of a hunter myself; however, I have done such several times.

Would I recommend the game after my time with it? Yes, I would recommend you give it a shot if you are looking for a game to past the time and know the basics of hunting. No, I would not recommend the game if you are looking for a fast-paced experience.

Because the game can be slow going until you find your prey, it may be hard for the average gamer to get into and to enjoy; however, it may be worth trying if you know what you are getting and if you are fine with the slower pace of it.

About the Author: Austin Dickson

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