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SpiderMan is Slinging his Webs onto the PS4

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If there's one thing people will never tire of, it's super-heroes. This year, Insomniac Games showed off some gameplay footage of their upcoming game, SpiderMan. 

After watching the footage, it's easy to say that this promises to not only be the best SpiderMan game yet, but possibly the best super-hero game ever. It's large, the world is open, you can sling webs nearly wherever you want in a highly populated city, and it looks good.

The only issue that I can currently think of is the reliance on quick-time events. I've personally never been a fan of having a pop-up show me which button to rapidly mash; however, SpiderMan is supposed to have quick reflexes, so quick-time events could work out surprisingly well.

We can look forward to the release of SpiderMan in 2018, which gives more time for Insomniac to put some polish on a game that already seems to look like a cut above the rest.

About the Author: Christopher Weil

The 2006 Time Magazine person of the year, born in Toronto, Canada, Christopher developed a passion for gaming at a young age. His favorite franchise has always been The Legend of Zelda, but he can also usually be found playing SimRacing games such as iRacing. He's in university studying mechanical engineering and looking to start his own 3D printing business.

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