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The Concealed Gaming Widget is your premiere platform for promotion across every site of the network. We generate more than 400,000 total impressions per month for the content being promoted through our widgets and growing. Our CPS caters to both advertisers and publishers.

Note: Please email [email protected] if you'd like to join our beta for the upcoming launch of the widget!

How It Works

Customize Your Widget

Easily customize the size and article count for your widget with our easy-to-use tool.

Install Your Widget

Copy the widget code we give you and post it directly into your layout where you want the widget to appear. We even offer help with installing the widget and customization.

Submit Your Articles

Find the articles you want to promote and submit them for approval. Our team will check them for quality and approve them within 48 hours if they pass our internal requirements.

Get Promoted

After getting approved, articles will start appearing on our widget across our partner sites and generating traffic. Our algorithm prioritizes newly approved content so that our partners can trust their content will be seen.


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Quality Content

We only approve quality content that gets submitted – so rest assured, knowing that only the best will appear next to your content.

Quality Visitors

We curate our partner sites to ensure that only quality domains are approved. This helps to increase the quality of the visitors navigating to your content – people that will actually read your work.

Quality Support

Our team is actively striving to increase our quality and we are here to help you should any issues arise. We offer prompt answers to inquiries in an effort to showcase our dedication to our biggest supporters – our partners.


We are a small team of developers and content creators striving to build a network of sites to give users great content to read and interact with and Concealed Gaming is only the beginning as our staff has many plans for the future of our network.


Should you have any concerns or suggestions for our tools – please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] and we will personally work to correct any problems!

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