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Pokemon Legends Arceus is an Open World Sinnoh Prequel

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Originally published on Pokeball Insider.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Logo

In addition to the Gen 4 remakes Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl announced during today's Pokemon Presents presentation, a Sinnoh prequel was also announced. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be an open world Pokemon game coming to Switch that tells the origin story of the Sinnoh region.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Screenshot

In Pokemon Legends, you'll be able to catch Pokemon in the wild by physically sneaking up on them and throwing balls in 3D space. It appears that Pokemon Battles also take place in the open world to some degree. The open world centers around Mount Coronet and an ancient village before modern Sinnoh development.

While the concept and trailer are exciting, there remains a lot to be seen. Technical performance in the trailer appears quite poor for the time being, but we're a long ways from release so that could improve. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will launch for Switch in early 2022. Check out the reveal trailer below and stay tuned for more information!

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