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Call of Duty: World War II Xbox One Review

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Call of Duty: World War II Review

Call of Duty: World War II is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game features staples of the series as well as some stuff that would be enough to pull in new players such as myself. Let’s be honest, for those who know me – you know that I do not play Call of Duty; however, that all changed with World War II once I got the game for Xbox One from Activision’s PR people.

I’m not saying I’m a diehard fan or anything of the such, but Call of Duty: World War II is loads of fun. The first thing I always do with any game is beat the campaign. World War II was no different. So, I sat down and beat the campaign, which can be done in a single day if you play for long sessions. First thing I noticed was the controls. This is not Halo and Halo veterans will need to get use to them.

After getting past the controls, the game became extremely fun. The campaign story was also interesting to play and was kind of like Splinter Cell meets Medal of Honor, or that is the best way I know to describe it. At times, it is all out war and there are bullets flying everywhere and, at other times, you are sneaking through enemy bases like Sam Fisher in Chaos Theory.

This style of play works well and is something that I am looking forward to should I pick up the next Call of Duty game. The only real drawback to the campaign was the length, but this is seemingly normal for the franchise. It left me wanting more, but that is sure to be fulfilled by playing on the higher difficulty levels since I played the game on “Regular” settings.

Call of Duty: World war II Nazi Zombies

The next thing I set out to do was play Nazi Zombies. This game mode is rather difficult. I can’t speak for previous entries in the franchise, but this version does not lack in enemies. The zombies come wave after wave with, hopefully, brief intermissions. This is similar to Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D in the play style, so fans of that would surely love Nazi Zombies.

I am a big fan myself, so this was right up my alley. After several rounds, I was hooked and ready for more zombies. Time and time again, I was beaten down by the hoards of undead. At first, I couldn’t last even 5 minutes before being slaughtered. Now, I think I can last around 20 minutes. This is all by myself since I haven’t played online yet.

This game mode is easily one of my favorites and is something I can see myself playing for quite some time as I try to beat my previous records. Right now, that is a mere 13 waves before being defeated. I’m sure that is nothing compared to many veterans of the game, but for a beginner, I think that is rather decent.

Overall, Call of Duty: World War II is an action-packed game full of thrills. The graphics are nice, but the gameplay is better. This arena style shooter is one that is sure to pull in new players to the franchise and one that I will surely recommend to friends. Nazi Zombies is an excellent addition and will add to the replay value of the game tremendously. Good job, Activision!

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