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Gameplay and Mechanics Revealed for Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Originally published on Pokeball Insider.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Box Art

During today's Pokemon Presents presentation, new information was revealed about the upcoming open-world Pokemon game: Pokemon Legends Arceus. In addition to a huge amount of gameplay preview footage, new mechanics were also discussed that were previously unknown concerning the new Hisui region.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Base Camp

Pokemon Legends Arceus is a gen 4 prequel, featuring a wide cast of new characters such as the knowledgable Professor Laventon and the Galaxy Team, who players will assist in surveying this wild region.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Ruins Exploration

Players will be able to set out from the hub town, Jubilife Village, on expeditions to different areas of the Hisui region. Players will be able to catch passive Pokemon simply by throwing Pokeballs, while aggressive Pokemon will need to be battled in order to be caught.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Battle

Base camps allow players to restock, heal, and craft using materials found throughout the region, and are found throughout the region. Players can also be attacked by wild Pokemon, making these base camps particularly important for long expeditions.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Wyrdeer

Pokemon Legends Arceus Basculegion

With these new features come new Pokemon, including evolutions for Stantler and Basculin. New Hisui variants of Growlithe and Braviary, combined with the new Pokemon, will allow players to travel quickly and easily throughout this large and diverse region.

Preorders are now available for Pokemon Legends Arceus, and it is set to release on January 22, 2022

For more information, check out the full broadcast below!

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