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Fire Emblem's Byleth is the Next Smash Ultimate DLC Fighter

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Originally published on Nintendo Castle.

Byleth Smash Ultimate Screenshot

In a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation earlier this morning, the fifth and final DLC character from the first Fighters Pass was revealed. It's Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. That's right, another Fire Emblem swordfighter. Although, as was shown off, Byleth will play a little differently from previous Fire Emblem characters and uses a variety of weapons.

Byleth Smash Ultimate Screenshot

Additionally, both the male and female versions of Byleth are playable. They function the same and can be toggled between via in-game costumes. A good portion of Byleth's moveset was shown off, including moves like the down-special that is slow and powerful but has super armor and an arrow attack that forces a commitment once charging begins.

Byleth Smash Ultimate Screenshot

In addition to the fighter, 11 new Fire Emblem music tracks and a new stage called Garreg Mach Monestary based on Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been added. A new set of spirits and a new classic mode route has also been added. Mii Fighter costumes based on Altair, Rabbids (Hat), X (Gunner), MegaMan.EXE (Gunner), and Cuphead (Gunner) are also coming. The Cuphead costume includes a Cuphead music track.

The first Fighters Pass containing 5 new fighters is now complete, including Joker, Hero, Banjo, Terry, and Byleth. A second Fighters Pass has been announced that will contain six new DLC fighters to be released one at a time through December 2021. No pricing has been revealed, but it is speculated to cost $29.99 based on the price of the first bundle. Fighters can also be purchased individually at a cost of $5.99 each.

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