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A New Paper Mario Game has been Revealed for Switch

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Originally published on Nintendo Castle.

Paper Mario Oragami King Screenshot

Out of nowhere a new Paper Mario game has been revealed. Nintendo dropped a trailer on Youtube to announce a brand new entry in the series, called Paper Mario: The Oragami King. A Paper Mario game for Switch has been long rumored to be in development, and it looks like those rumors were true (or just a rather safe guess). Paper Mario: The Oragami King will launch for Switch on July 17 with an MSRP of $59.99.

Paper Mario Oragami King Screenshot

As the title might suggest, the game has a clear oragami theme. The trailer suggests something about being folded up might bring out a sinister side in a paper character, as the oragami form of everyone shown seems to be pitted against you, including Princess Peach.

Paper Mario Oragami King Screenshot

The plot revolves around a quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the original character King Olly, the oragami king. True to Paper Mario games of the past, he's gone ahead and unearthed Princess Peach's Castle and moved it to a distant mountain. He's also recruited many of Bowser's minions and folded them up and pit them against you.

Luckily, it appears you'll have a few allies to help you out as well. King Olly's own sister, Olivia, appears to be on your team and may serve some sort of partner role for you. It seems that even Bowser, still in paper form, might be taking your side on this one. Mario will utilize one oragami ability, a pair of folded arms dubbed "1000-Fold Arms" that he uses to pull apart and bend the oragami world.

Paper Mario Oragami King Screenshot

An all new battle system is also presented. It appears to be turn based and ditches the sticker/badge mechanic all together. Rather, there is a layered circular battlefield that mario can manipulate to line up enemies and attack more at once. It's a more puzzle based approach that relies more on positioning than collecting attacks or utilizing partners.

Judging from the two minute trailer, it doesn't look like The Oragami King will be a true return to form of the original N64 title and The Thousand Year Door that many fans desperately want. However, it does seem to contain a little more depth in plot, mechanics, and scale that titles like Sticker Star and Color Splash lacked. Maybe this game will find it's home somewhere in the middle of the two styles, with the likes of Super Paper Mario.

It's a bit too early to tell, but the trailer gives us hope for a solid game at least. We won't need to wait long however, as the game will be launching in less than two months, on July 17. Stay tuned until then for further news and coverage. Here's the full trailer reveal:

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