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Minecraft Steve is the Next Smash Ultimate DLC Fighter

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Originally published on Nintendo Castle.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Minecraft Steve

Fans have been asking for it for a long time now, but no-one really expected them to do it. But alas, Minecraft's Steve is now a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For those unfamiliar, Steve is the name given to the default skin Minecraft character with the classic teal shirt and blue pants. Yup, that guy is coming to Smash.

His inclusion comes in the form of paid DLC as part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol. 2, which can be downloaded from the eshop for $29.99. He can also be purchased on his own for $5.99. His official release is October 13, 2020. Alongside the character will come a Minecraft themed stage called Minecraft World and seven music tracks from Minecraft.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Minecraft Steve

As you might imagine, Steve will play quite differently than most Smash Bros. characters. His moveset is of course themed around his actions in Minecraft. When a match starts, he'll get a crafting table that can be moved around the stage. He can use this to craft different weapons (pickaxe, sword, axe, etc) of varying material and strength.

To gather the material for crafting, Steve can mine the ground or walls of any stage. The materials will correspond to the stage and spot on the ground. These can include wood, stone, iron, gold, redstone, and diamond. These will be mined quickly on a cycle and your materials are indicated in a ratio bar near your damage display.

In addition to crafting, the materials can be used to place blocks around the stage. These can be used to block out opponents or to simply move around. They can be broken by Steve or any other character fairly quickly and have different properties depending on material and stage position.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Minecraft Steve

Steve's moveset also revolves heavily around the materials he gathers. He has a down-smash attack that uses an iron anvil that will consume iron materials. His other smash attacks use a piston to launch the opponent either to the side or straight up.

One of Steve's special attacks is a minecart that can be used as a quick horizontal attack. Steve can either ride the cart to smash into his opponent or leave it empty to scoop them up and trap them for a brief time. You'll need materials to craft rails for the minecart and can use redstone to give it a speed boost.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Minecraft Steve

Most of Steve's basic moves include slicing and dicing with his sword and other crafted weapons. You can check out Sakurai's showcase of the character in full below for a more indepth look at his moveset and unique traits. There are of course a few extra touches like using the classic Minecraft bed when being put to sleep by Jigglypuff. And when Kirby swallows Steve, it will turn into a pink cube.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Minecraft Steve

The new stage coming alongside steve is called Minecraft World. The stage has six different varients based on the biomes found in Minecraft. The biome will be random selected when the stage is picked. Each variant has different types of blocks and features various Minecraft structures in the background.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Minecraft Steve

Steve's alternate skins also bring several other Minecraft characters into the game. These include the pictured Steve, Alex, Enderman, and Zombie skins.

Steve and his accompanying stage will be available to download on October 13. The Fighters Pass Vol. 2 also includes the recently released Min-Min as well as 4 other unannounced fighters. Stay tuned for more information on those fighters as they are revealed.

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