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Monster Hunter: Rise Released for Nintendo Switch

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Originally published on Nintendo Castle.

Monster Hunter Rise Loading Screen Splash Art

The highly anticipated game Monster Hunter: Rise is the next installment in the Monster Hunter franchise, and has been released for the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise Town

Monster Hunter: Rise takes players into a new ninja-inspired japanese-like world where they will fight many new and even more returning creatures from previous games. The game is fully cooperative and online, but does require a Nintendo online subscription to play in this way.

Monster Hunter Rise Cherry Blossom Trees

The 14 normal Monster Hunter weapons return to Rise, but with new skills, moves, and alternate abilities. In addition, mounts are now a permanent addition, as well as a Hookshot-like claw that lets players increase their mobility in and out of combat.

Monster Hunter Rise Shrine Ruins

Purchase Monster Hunter: Rise on the Nintendo eShop for $59.99 USD.

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