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Pikmin 4 Gets a July 21 Release Date

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Originally published on Nintendo Castle.

Pikmin 4 Logo Switch

Today's Nintendo Direct kicked off with a new gameplay trailer for Pikmin 4. In addition to the typical Pikmin gameplay of throwing various colored Pikmin at enemies and plants to solve puzzles and engage in combat, we saw a few new features.

The first is the new protagonist, who was not named but appears to be a red haired female character with the traditional space helmet. A new Space Dog was also revealed and did get a name: Oatchi. A new Ice Pikmin was also shown off in addition to the other known elemental Pikmin.

We also got a release date for Pikmin 4: July 21, 2023. It will launch exclusively on Switch for a MSRP of $59.99. Check out some screenshots below and stay tuned for more updates as we get close to release.

Pikmin 4 Screenshot

Pikmin 4 Screenshot

Pikmin 4 Screenshot

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