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Several Release Dates Revealed for Mar10 Day

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Originally published on Nintendo Castle.

Mario Day 2024

March 10th (MAR10) has been dubbed "Mario Day" and for the past few years we've gotten Mario related announcements to celebrate. This year is no different and Nintendo released a brief video with Shigeru Miyamoto to go over the announcements. The primary focus was the announcement of a sequel to "The Mario Bros. Movie" which is currently in development by Illumination with a planned release date of April 3, 2026.

We also got release dates for a couple upcoming Mario remakes. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door will be coming to Switch on May 23, 2024. Luigi's Mansion 2 HD will follow with a release date of June 27, 2024. Nintendo Switch Online will be getting a couple classic Game Boy Mario games much sooner on March 12: Dr. Mario, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis. Here's the full video with all the announcements:

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