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Do you have any friends that have just been getting under your skin lately? Well, good news! You can dismember them in the upcoming game by the name of GUTS. It comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC with a planned release in 2017. The game allows your to dismember your friends during battle and features several things that are not common in the mainstream games of this type. The first being that there is no fight timer and no health bar.

I got to try out this game at an indie game event during E3 2017 with a friend of mine. We played a couple matches and had some fun. The game is unique because you chop the lambs off of your opponents. You can knock them down a notch, literally, by taking off their legs or even remove their arms. You can recover lambs by performing certain abilities.

The goal of the match is to quarter your opponent. You chop off all of their lambs and send them through the grinder. The game has several characters, each with their own abilities and combos. I am unsure if I completed even a single special, but I was able to accomplish several combos during the match.

You can certainly tell that the game is not a AAA title, but that doesn't subtract from the fun to be had if you enjoy fighting games. GUTS dears to be different than the rest in an atmosphere that is increasingly stale. Many game developers opt not to try something new and just continue the status quo.

Will GUTS be the next big thing? Probably not, but it is a game that is fun to play with friends and one that tries to defy the conventions of the genre. Be sure to check out the trailer above for gameplay and visit the official site for more information.

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